The transcendence art allows us is rare and precious. Experiencing art in our daily lives
gives us peace, joy and escape from chaos. There is power in beauty.

Whether working on still life or landscape, I am faithfully translating light and color into paint. As a painter dedicated to contemporary realism, I have always loved the challenges involved in drawing and painting from life. It is a constant journey of discovery.

In my still life work, objects are removed from their ordinary place in the world in order
to eliminate any background and focus on what the items represent to me. Objects act as surrogates for human experience. Visual relationships imply narrative, express thoughts, or examine behaviors and beliefs. In this way, every viewer can recognize themselves in the work through our shared humanity. 

Similarly, in my landscapes I restrict my focus to a portion of the vast outdoors, to an area that captures my interest. In the painting, I share that focus with the viewer.

When a painting is finished, I take pleasure in knowing that the narrative will be
recreated and personalized by each viewer, as they view it through the lens of their own
​life experience and private associations.